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The Greater Good Fresh Brewing company launched their Kickstarter campaign in late 2019 with the Pinter, a technological advancement in home drinking. The Pinter can brew 10 pints of fresh beer at home.

What we did

After approaching us to build the first version of the E-commerce platform and define the technical architecture, we consulted closely with the team to define the brief for the project. As the final product hadn't been fully established there were a lot of unknown variables to the project so being flexible to adjust product and marketing messages was key throughout. After the initial engagement we became a technical partner, working fluidly with their internal team to develop new functionality.


The main platform was built on Shopify Plus, this gave us a balance between being able to rapidly develop on top of Shopify, but also challenged us to implement certain functionality. Bundling products with discount codes, as well as offering subscriptions is a key component for the business. We used the Shopify API and quickly established a robust technical solution that would optimise the purchase flow removing friction to get users to the checkout with ease. In the first 6 months alone there were over 100,000 transactions processed.

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